My So Called Life
My So Called Life
The Life of Riley
The Meaning of Life
My (Not So) Simple Life
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The Facts of Life
The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me All in the Family
Queen of Teen
Buttercup Mash
Spies, Dad, Big Lauren and Me

The Life of RileyThis year I will utterly not snog random posh boys with congenital acne but will save myself for long-haired creative type with interest in tragicness and with musical potential i.e. Justin Statham. Though am not sure Justin has realized yet that I am the ONE for him. Maybe he has heard I am rubbish at snogging. I need to learn to snog properly – and fast. Though perhaps I am just unloveable. As well as tongue technique issues I have hopelessly untragic relatives and a dog who eats furniture. Plus I am practically a medical midget and my hair is mental. Maybe I should just give up on boys altogether…

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